by Raul C. Gonzalez, DMD and Associates

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Full Mouth Reconstruction
If severe dental problems are causing you discomfort, you may be a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Orthodontic appliances can be used to help properly position your jaw. Once the jaw is properly aligned, relieving some of the pain caused by the TMJ syndrome, cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures (porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridgework, dental implants, and onlays) are completed. The result is an attractive, pain-free new smile.
Full Mouth Reconstruction is any restorative dentistry procedure that involves replacing or repairing broken or missing teeth, bones, or tissue. One the mouth reconstruction is completed, the dentist can then proceed with restorative dentistry procedures such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridgework, and dental implants.

When severe dental problems require a full mouth reconstruction, a general dentist can create a restorative dentistry treatment plan that will simultaneously address the health, function, and appearance of the teeth and gums. Learn more about reconstructive dentistry, repairing worn teeth, and TMJ syndrome by reading the sections below.

When planning a full mouth reconstruction, a dentist will examine your gums and make sure that they are healthy. If not, he or she will prescribe treatment to strengthen them so they will be able to support and enhance a full mouth reconstruction. The reconstruction needs a healthy dental base.

The next thing the dentist will examine is your bite. To correct a misaligned bite, he or she will record and measure it with computer technology. If the bite is not corrected before dental reconstruction is done, the dental work will eventually be canceled out by the misalignment.

Once your bite has been corrected and re-aligned, the dentist will consider cosmetic procedures to complete the full mouth reconstruction. Sometimes these are more than simply cosmetic and will repair cracked or broken teeth that have been causing pain.

What is Reconstructive Dentistry?

Reconstructive dentistry refers to any restorative dentistry procedure that involves replacing or repairing broken or missing teeth, bones, or tissue. Procedures and types of dentistry that are classified as reconstructive dentistry include full mouth reconstruction, dental implant restorations, TMJ treatment, dental bridge placement, dental crown placement, inlays and inlays, and replacing old metal fillings. A general dentist can perform many of these procedures, but you should speak with the dentist prior to treatment to view samples of the doctor's restorative dentistry results and previous full mouth reconstructions.