by Raul C. Gonzalez, DMD and Associates

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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry is the science of dentistry that embodies accepted scientific principles of patho-physiology, anatomy, form and function. NMD objectively evaluates the complex relationship between teeth, temporo-mandibular joints and the masticatory muscles in order to achieve an occlusion that is based on the optimal relationship between the mandible and the skull Neuromuscular Occlusion.

It is a very special field and gratifying one. Neuromuscular Dentistry is a practice founded on the belief that a healthy smile begins with a healthy bite (occlusion). This method of treatment determines the optimal physiological position of the jaw by measuring the relaxed position of head and neck muscles; then repositions the jaw to achieve those exact measurements.

Anyone can experience neuromuscular problems. Typically, those who were born with poor jaw position or bad bite (malocclusion) begin to experience problems in their teen years. Others who have had a history of teeth grinding may begin to have symptoms in their mid-40s or even earlier.

Neuromuscular disorder can cause a variety of physical problems that can be mistaken for other conditions. People suffering from neuromuscular problems may often visit a multitude of specialists, searching for relief from their symptoms before discovering neuromuscular dentistry.

Neuromuscular disorder can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

Headaches or migraines
Neck, back, or shoulder pain
Numbness in fingers and arms
Congestion, ringing, or stuffiness of the ears
Clicking or grating sounds in the jaw joints
Pain or soreness around the jaw joints
Pain in teeth that seems to move around

Limited movement or locking jaw
 Fortunately, malocclusion is relatively simple to correct. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can measure the jaw's muscle function in both stressed and relaxed positions, as well as the jaw-to-skull ratio to determine if there is a structural imbalance. Think of it in terms of an EKG: Just as an EKG measures the health, strength and function of the heart muscle, this technology ascertains the same for the jaw and muscles.

Treatment options include, adjusting the bite, orthodontics, or restoring the teeth in the correct position. By fitting the patient with dental restorations, areas of the bite can be precisely raised or lowered to create a naturally comfortable muscular position for the jaw. In most cases, the jaw can be repositioned without surgery or braces.
With this correction, patients experience a range of benefits, from decreased or eliminated pain and discomfort, to better overall health and longer lasting dental restorations.

Please ask us how we can help you achieve the harmonious smile and bite you deserve.

Sedation Dentistry for anxiolitic control

Conscious Sedation or sleep dentistry allows us to use nitrous oxide to help our patients, who may have had painful dental care in the past or a bad experience at the dental office. With Sedation Dentistry, get the anxiety free dentistry care you, and need pain free. You may be given a  small tablet to help you relax and get the Dentistry that you need in a more comfortable manner. You  need to take action. The time is now, and we invite you to experience Dentistry the way we do.

Sedation dentistry allows you to be sedated just enough to be pain free and unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing.  That is why it is normally referred to as conscious sedation dentistry.  So if you have sensitive teeth, a fear of dentists, have a bad gag reflex, hate needles, or have limited time to spend on dental care at the dentist, Sedation during dentistry procedures can help you. 

Whatever the case may be sedation can help you be more anxiety free during your dentistry treatment.  Our objective is to make your visit to our practices, a relaxing and enjoyable one. Since you are completely comfortable, relaxed, and pain free, we can do years of dental treatments in one or two dental visits. With sedation we can restore your gums to good dental health, fix a broken tooth, replace crowns , place implants for dentures, whiten yellow or stained teeth, and more.  All in a  pain free and relaxing environment.